VOS Group assigned the majority of the shares of its ingredients division to the Portuguese SparkFood giving birth to SparkVos.

We are pleased to inform you that following a strategic initiative, and after negotiations between the parties involved, an agreement has been reached for the acquisition of Evra, Nutraceutica, NVH, and OSUN Solutions, previously owned by the VOS Group – that belongs to Salamone family – which is active in research, development, production, and distribution of products for the food industry, dietary supplements, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. These companies have been acquired by SparkFood, a company belonging to the multinational Portuguese group Sonae SGPS. The two companies were assisted in the transaction by the law firms LCA and PwC TLS.

Through the acquisition of 70% of the shares, this has given rise to SparkVos S.r.l., a company that holds the entire share capital of the four targets, becoming one of the most interesting realities in its segment. The birth of SparkVos, where all the companies from VOS Group’s ingredient division have merged, marks the beginning of a new journey that will make us even more competitive in national and international markets. On one hand, we will benefit from the high quality of raw materials from companies within the VOS Group, and on the other hand, we will embrace SparkFood‘s vision on sustainability and innovative solutions.

This strong partnership is also intended to strengthen the activities of the other divisions that will remain entirely under VOS Group’s ownership, such as Maylea S.r.l.’s cosmetics division (with the misula® and HUGS® brands); CDMO Sveba, which focuses on the production of dietary supplements; VeroNatura with the Rianima®, Dieta Zero®, NutraVero® brands, and its private label division Marchio Farmacia and AgriEvra, operating in the field of medicinal herbs and biodiversity. This transaction marks the beginning of a path to become a leading player in the global sector of natural plant-based ingredients.

“We are confident that the ongoing pursuit of improvement and collaboration between these significant entities will lead to great results, maximizing the satisfaction of our current clients and initiating new international processes, ultimately achieving even greater accomplishments. SparkVos represents the fusion of two worlds united by common goals of high quality, sustainability, and a strong connection to nature. In this new partnership, we will share important projects aimed at enhancing the entire supply chain of Mediterranean ingredients. The decision to collaborate with SparkFood on future projects in the ingredient division stems from the need to be highly competitive in international markets, strengthening the potential of all companies involved, from cultivation to production, research, and distribution, while preserving the initial identity of the Group,” says Vincenzo Salamone, CEO of VOS Group & cofounder of SparkVos.